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Jul 24, 2018

LB3 and TC2 have kicked off a special educational series titled “Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings.”  The podcast series will run over the next several weeks and will cover a range of topics addressing enterprise network transformation, cost saving strategies, contract compliance and optimization, and so much more.  

Wide-reaching cost cutting initiatives have become increasingly common at large companies over the last decade. Whether motivated by a business downturn, a bad quarter, or a market change, such cost cutting initiatives apply huge pressure to obtain short term savings, often at the expense of longer term strategic projects and investments. Network infrastructure expenses, in particular, are often perceived as a huge pot of potential savings and thus one of the first areas to be targeted. 

Of course, experienced network professionals know that it's not so easy to suddenly reduce costs in the network infrastructure budget.   

Listen to this 10 minute podcast as Ben Fox, one of TC2’s Managing Directors, and Andrew Brown, the Managing Partner at LB3 and Chairman of TC2, discuss with TC2’s Joe Schmidt what enterprises will learn by listening to this informative and hugely beneficial podcast series.