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May 10, 2018

Listen to this 10 minute podcast where LB3's Andrew Brown explains what businesses need to know about their use of wireless signal boosters. 

In 2018, ubiquitous and reliable wireless service connectivity is a business necessity.  Yet coverage gaps and dead zones in business locations - large buildings, office campuses, even small branch offices - create frustrating interruptions, dropped calls, and poor connections.  Professionally installed distributed antenna systems offer one solution, but they are expensive and in some business locations, not very cost effective.  Small scale, off the shelf, plug and play signal boosters in theory offer a great low cost alternative, but applicable FCC rules previously limited their deployment for "personal use."  

This podcast explains recent changes to rules that eliminated this personal use restriction and opened up lawful use of these signal boosters for enterprise customers.  But the personal use restriction still applies to certain types of off the shelf signal boosters that enterprises probably find most useful. We'll explain what happened and what it means for businesses and their wireless services.