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Oct 6, 2021

The IPv4 address transfer market is probably not well understood by most organizations, and few likely know how to go about monetizing unused IPv4 assets.  Fortunately, companies like Avenue4 exist and can help enterprises advance transparency and efficiency in an evolving and opaque market.

In this 14-minute podcast,

Sep 28, 2021

If you buy technology and services from a value added reseller (VAR), it’s important that you also have direct relationships with the key product manufacturers – also known as OEMs (short for original equipment manufacturers) – because those are the producers of the products you purchase through the VAR.  Nowhere...

Sep 22, 2021

Value added resellers are an important part of the ICT ecosystem and without them, a lot of great products and services would never make it to the enterprise.  But what are value added resellers, or VARs, and why do they exist?

Listen to this 10-minute podcast as Ben Fox, one of TC2’s Managing Directors, and

Sep 21, 2021

As more applications are being transitioned to the cloud, and as COVID-19 is becoming COVID-21 and the work-from-home scenario is becoming the new normal for many businesses, there is an urgent need for work-from-anywhere to support the modern enterprise organization.  In the era of cloud-first architectures, what are...

Sep 15, 2021

Enterprises will normally spend a lot of effort to source and negotiate contracts for managed services and outsourcing arrangements.  They don’t, however, always give the same attention to IT infrastructure projects … to their detriment.

Listen to this 9-minute podcast as Ben Fox, one of TC2’s Managing Directors,...