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Aug 31, 2023

On this episode of Staying Connected, we discuss how the evolution of enterprise networking toward SD-WAN is driving a wave of market activity to also transform the transport underlay, and highlighting the need to rethink how internet first transport is increasingly being competitively sourced. 

In this 11-minute...

Aug 21, 2023

In this episode of Staying Connected, we discuss the recently announced global strategic partnership between Verizon Business and HCL.  The announcement indicates that Verizon will lead sales and customer acquisition efforts for Managed Network Services while HCL will lead implementation and ongoing solution support.

Aug 16, 2023

On this episode of Staying Connected, we’re going to dig deeper into a recently published Network World article about how to navigate the co-management conundrum in managed service provider (“MSP”) engagements.  MSP refers to the partners many enterprises seek to optimize the cost and service for the...

Aug 10, 2023

ICT service providers spin-off entities and services, acquire others, go into bankruptcy, and merge.

When contracting with a provider, you need to take steps to ensure these changes don’t adversely impact your deal and the services you are purchasing.  More importantly, you need to think about what you can do now in...